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The Retired Military Police Officers Association The Retired Military Police Officers Association (RMPOA) is an informal group of retired U.S. Army military police officers, warrant officers, and their spouses.   It is a non-stock corporation incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is a tax exempt organization under rule 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The RMPOA maintains a membership directory, publishes a periodic digest, and has an annual reunion.  There are no dues, elected officers, or bylaws; volunteers perform all the necessary functions. Operating costs are covered solely by individual donations.  A comprehensive overview of the RMPOA was provided by the late Colonel Pat Lowrey for 2008 Reunion attendees  The briefing is entitled "Bridging the Generations, the Retired Military Police Officers, (RMPO).  It may be read by clicking here.

The Retired Military Police Officers Association is also on Facebook.  If you have a Facebook account you can click on HTTP:// to access the new page. Or type "Retired Military Police Officers" in the search box. If you do not have a Facebook account – you might consider signing up. It’s quick and easy. There are currently more than 500 million users worldwide. You can Google “Facebook” and you will find the “Welcome to Facebook” link. 
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Memorials.  This page contains memorials for recently deceased MPOA members and their spouses.   If you would like to be notified whenever a memorial is added, send an e-mail to and ask to be added to the Email Notification List.  Current memorials include:

                    Major General Eugene R. Cromartie (13 Feb 2017)

                    COL George Herbert Braxton (14 May 2017) 

                    Mrs. Sandra Loretta "Sandy" Braxton (12 Jul 1994)
                                        Wife of COL George Herbert Braxton (deceased) 

                    COL Richard Alfred "Dick" Fitzgerald (17 Feb 2017).  

                     MAJ Robert Roy "Roy" Hazelwood (18 Apr 2016)          

                    CW3 James E. "Jim" Mercer (25 Feb 2017)

                    Mrs Jo Ann "Jo" McCormick​ (2 March 2017)​
                                        Wife of COL Richard L. "Dick" McCormick 

                     LTC Leon James "Lee" Rung (10 Aug 2016) 

                     CW5 Glenn M. Schultz (18 Jan 2017)
                                    Memorial article not yet available.     

                    Mrs. Dana Stonesifer (10 Dec 2016)
                                     Wife of CW3 Frederic W. "Ric" Stonesifer

                    Mrs. Natalia George (27 Jan 2017)
                                      Wife of LTC Ralph Abdo George (deceased) 

                  CW4 Alan Philip "Al" Boehm (13 Feb 2017)

                  CW2 Edward Byrd "Ed" Mizelle (25 Aug 2015)
                                        (No memorial article available)

                  MAJ Hector Lauro Lopez (26 Jan 2017) 
                  LTC Alfred F "Al" Grande (23 Mar 2017)

                         LTC Clarence Lamar "Billy" McKinney (21 Apr 2017) 

                         COL James Donovon "Don" Smith (27 Apr 2017)

                  Mrs. Stefania "Steffi" Feher (18 Apr 2017)
                                      Wife of CW4 Andre C R "Flip" Feher (deceased) 

                  Mrs. Setsuko Suzuki Gidion (4 Apr 2017)
                                        Wife of CW4 Hans M. Gidion

                  COL Brittain Paul "Britt" Mallow (19 Feb 2017)

                  COL George Herbert Braxton (14 May 2017) ​

                  Mrs. Sandra Loretta "Sandy" Braxton (12 Jul 1994)
                                       Wife of COL George Herbert Braxton (deceased) 

                  COL Richard Alfred "Dick" Fitzgerald (17 Feb 2017)

To read memorial articles, click HERE.

NOTE:  While updating our membership and deceased databases we may discover deaths that have not been reported to our membership.  In addition to announcing these deaths on our website, we have added them to our deceased roster and will list them on the Taps page of our RMPOA Digest.  These entries can be identified by the date of death.

Taps.   A listing of those members of the RMPOA family who have passed can be seen by clicking HERE.

Member Activities.  This page contains recent items of general interest to the RMPOA community. The success of this page is dependent on information received from members of the RMPO community.  If you have photos, stories, personal or professional accomplishments, trips of interest, marriages, any major events in your life that you would like to share with the RMPOA membership,  please submit to  Articles of general or professional interest will also be included.  Items will generally remain posted for 30 days and will be updated periodically. If you desire to be notified when a new item is added to this page, send an e-mail to asking to be added to the  "E-mail Notification List." 

To see the Member Activities page, click HERE.

New pictures have been added to the Member Activities page as of 7 December 2014.

Annual Reunion. Every year, since 1976, a group of retired military police officers has gathered to celebrate the anniversary of the Military Police Corps.  To see the reunion history and photos from past reunions, go to Reunion History.  COL John Mumma and COL Gregory "Greg" Lowe are the RMPOA Reunion Coordinators for the selection of reunion sites in upcoming years.   Greg and John would like to hear from you as soon as possible if you wish to host a RMPOA Reunion so that they can be of assistance and guidance. John's e-mail address is: and Greg's is ​

​    2017 Reunion. Santa Fe, New Mexico  12-16 September 2017

    2018 Reunion.  The Villages, Florida

    2019 Reunion.  Anniston, Alabama

Historical Photos.  A historical RMPOA family album. Check it out and then send in past photos of yourself or other members of our RMPO family.

Employment Opportunities.  This page contains employment opportunities which have been passed to the RMPOA community. 

At present, there no opportunities being advertised.

If you are aware of opportunites that would be of interest to Retired MP Officers, please send a notice to so it can be added to our web site.

Links:  Useful and Fun Links for the RMPOA Community.

Military Police Regimental Walkway.  This is an opportunity to celebrate your service to the MP Corps Regiment, or that of a loved one or fallen comrade. This page provides the artist rendition of the proposed walkway and a link to the purchase form.

Regimental Hall of Fame.  A listing of retired MP officers who are in the Military Police Regiment Hall of Fame.  This page also has a link to those retired MP officers who are in an OCS Hall of Fame; a listing of those in the USACIDC Hall of Fame; and a copy of the USA Military Police Corps Regimental Regulation 870-1, Military Police Corps Regimental Hall of Fame.

New MP Regimental Hall of Fame Regulation. In September 2011, the USAMPS Regulation for the Hall of Fame was revised.  BG David Phillips, USAMPS Commandant, asked three members of the MP Regimental Hall of Fame to sit on a Select Committee to review the revision of the USAMPS regulation governing the MP Regimental Hall of Fame.  The Select Committee included BG (Ret) Steve Curry, COL (Ret) Pat Lowrey, and CSM (Ret) Don Thomas.  An article by Pat Lowrey which provides an overview of the new regulatory changes and a copy of the new nomination regulation may be seen by clicking HERE.

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Privacy:   For privacy reasons, we do not routinely place email addresses, mailing addresses, or telephone numbers on this web site. Any addresses that appear on the site are either at the individual’s request or with their permission.Those wanting to share their email address can do so by signing the Guest Book.

This site is to serve the retired MP officers community.  Suggestions on content, topics or features you would like added are welcome and should be sent to LTC (Ret) Merv McConnel at
The Member Directory  The RMPOA membership directory is the formal list of retired Military Police officers and warrant officers who are members of the association.  There are presently over 1700 individuals on the membership directory. The directory is used to generate the mailing lists for the RMPOA Digest and the annual reunion. For information on roster and how to obtain a copy, go to the Roster page.  Check the Directory page for a complete listing of those currently in the directory.  

In an effort to keep costs down for the directory, the RMPOA  requests will be fulfilled at the end of each month.  Payment checks will also be deposited at the same time. 
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The Digest.  The RMPOA Digest is published periodically for retired MP officers, warrant officers, and their spouses. The Digest is distributed free of charge to all those on the membership directory.  
Go to the Digest Page for information on how to help assist keeping the Digest free.

Membership in the RMPOA.  If you are a retired MP Officer or warrant officer and want to be listed as a member on the RMPO Membership Directory, email to: 

Include your full name, nickname (if any), date of entry into service, date of retirement, rank at time of retirement, current mailing address, home telephone number, cell phone number, and email address. Where applicable, include your spouse's name.  
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