2017 Reunion Attendees

As of 27 August 2017

COL David Humbert and Mrs. Betty Humbert
LTC Jerry Jackson and Mrs. Shirley Jackson
BG Rodney Johnson and Mrs. Marsha Johnson
LTC Gerald Kelly and Mrs. Seemal Kelly
LTC John "Jack" Kochenour and Mrs. Maryann Kochenour
COL Michael "Mike" Lansing and Mrs. Karen Lansing
LTC Lance Luftman and Mrs. Kris Luftman
COL Robert MacDonald and Mrs. Lorraine MacDonald
LTC Don Mason and Mrs. Claudette Mason
COL John Mentor and Mrs. Cindy Mentor
COL Rose Miller
COL John Mumma and Mrs. Ceci Mumma
LTC Steven Nance and Mrs. Barbara Nance
MAJ Ronald Napier and Mrs. Jane Napier
COL David Patton and Mrs. Mary (Cissie) Patton
COL Verner Pike and Mrs. Renny Pike
LTC David Reed and Mrs. Natalie Reed
MAJ Carl Reichmuth and Mrs. Elaine Reichmuth
Mrs. Isabel "Gypsy" Richardson
COL Jim Riley and Mrs. Barbara Riley
LTC John Rouse and Mrs. Anne Rouse
LTC Thomas Sanford and Mrs. Barbara Sanford
LTC William "Bill" Sondervan and Mrs. Nancy Sondervan
COL Ted Spain and LTC R'ami Spain
LTC Robert Stanek and Mrs. Cheryl Stanek
COL Jerry Stevenson and COL Sioban Ledwith
LTC John Tarr and Mrs. Denise Tarr
COL Robert "Bob" Taylor and Mrs. Linda Taylor
COL John Tomberlin and Mrs. Peggy Tomberlin
LTC Lennie Upshaw and Mrs. Susan Upshaw
COL Steven Vass and Ms. Bette Jane Wesson
LTC Gerald "Jerry" Wellman and Mrs. Marsha Wellman
LTC John Wening and Mrs. Charlotte Wening
LTC Charles "Chuck" Whitehead
LTC Richard Wilson and Mrs. Brigitte Wilson
LTC James Wilson and Mrs. Leslie Wilson
COL Peter Wojcik and Mrs. Yangki Wojcik

COL Steven Andraschko and Mrs. Pam Andraschko
LTC Terry Bartlett and Mrs. Kenda Bartlett
COL Lois Beard and Glenn Beard
LTC Arlen Bee and Mrs. Janie Bee
COL Larry Berrong and Mrs. Carolyn Berrong
LTC Jon Bilbo
COL Barry Billings and Mrs. Joan Billings
LTC Thomas Blain and Mrs. Anita Blain
LTC William "Bill" Blissett and Mrs. Chantal Blissett
COL Brian Bocklage and Mrs. Ann Marie Bocklage
COL Larry Brede and Mrs. Claire Brede
LTC Thomas Briggs and Mrs. Sabina Briggs
LTC Steve Cass and LTC MaryAnn Cass
LTC Emmet Cook and Ms. Barbi Simons
COL Otis "Pete" Cooksey and Mrs. Janet Cooksey
COL Charles "Wes" Cox and Mrs. Cynthia Cox
BG Stephen "Steve" Curry and Mrs. Marie Curry
Mrs. Kay Dahl and Mrs. Alixana Buvinghausen
COL John Davies and Mrs. Jane Davies
COL Arnie Daxe and Mrs. Lorraine Daxe
LTC Yvonne Doll and LTC Rudy Garity
COL Stanley Dulin and Mrs. Judy Dulin
LTC Carroll Dunn and Mrs. Marty Dunn
COL Curtis Earp and Mrs. Jaibun Earp
COL Kenneth Ellis and Mrs. Brenda Ellis
CPT Joe Fernald and Mrs. Linda Fernald
BG David Foley and Mrs. Pam Foley
COL Rex Forney and Mrs. Kay Forney
LTC Larry Garland and Mrs. Connie Garland
COL Marguerite "Margie" Garrison and LTC Kevin Garrison
LTC Peter Grande and Mrs. Fely Grande
COL Don Greenwald and Ms. Darla Elliott
COL James Hallihan and Mrs. Jaye Hallihan
COL William "Bill" Hart and Mrs. Barbara Hart
LTC Wayne Herrington and Mrs. Lynda Herrington
MAJ Roosevelt Hines, Jr and Mrs. Barbara Hines
COL Peter Hoffman and Mrs. Eileen Hoffman
COL Garold Holcombe and Ms. Judy Bettinger