RMPOA Battlefield Tour - Additional Instructions

Tour Eligibility: RMPOA members and their immediate family. Because space is limited, 55 seats, reservations will be first come – first served. Members unable to initially be manifested and others who are interested will be placed on a wait list, priority to RMPOA members. (see Wait list Procedures below).  

Reservation Procedures: All reservations will be made with BK Tours & Travel, LLC. To make a RMPOA Battlefield Tour reservation send a deposit check for $600.00 per person made payable to: BK Tours & Travel. Send to BK Tours & Travel, 10007 Winnepeg Court, Burke, VA 22015. Upon receipt of the deposit you will placed on the manifest and receive a confirmation invoice. Final tour payment is due: 11 FEB 2019.

Wait list Procedures: On December 10th, if there are tour space openings, those are wait listed will be contacted in order with the option to join the tour. To be wait listed, a $600.00 per person deposit check made payable to BK Tours & Travel is required. This check will not be cashed until you are officially placed on the tour manifest. If you do not make the manifest, your check will either be returned to you or destroyed.  

Airport Check – in: Allowance is one (1) checked bag not to exceed 50 lbs. and (1) carry-on and accessory bag (camera, etc.). Because of increased security, checked bags are subject to search anywhere in transit. Don’t lock your bags.  

Airport Connections: If you are on a connecting flight into Dulles and have time to collect your bag, do not check it through to Paris. It is better to pick-up your bag at Dulles and recheck at the Air France counter. This will minimize the chance of a baggage delay in France.

Air Ticketing: Air tickets are in Economy Class with Air France Airlines. It is possible to upgrade your seat to Premium Economy for an additional fee, based on availability. This can only be done after group ticketing has been completed on April 13, 30 days prior to departure.  

Passports: Ensure your passport is current. If it is due to expire within six (6) months of your travel date or during your travel period, you need to Renew it.  

Baggage ID: Prior to departure you will receive a colorful security strap for your checked bag. Ensure this is secured on your checked bag for a quicker group ID.

Currency: The Euro is the currency of the countries you’ll be traveling through. It is recommended that you have some Euros with you upon arrival at De Gaulle Airport, Paris. Do not bring $100 bill denomination, better to bring $20 bills, easier to exchange. There are ATM machines throughout the area of travel. Credit cards are accepted everywhere. It is important to notify your debit and/or credit card company you will be traveling in Europe.  

Hotels: Upon arrival and hotel check-in, one traveler per room will be required to provide a credit card. This is to cover incidental expenses (drinks, telephone and services not included in the package). The electric voltage is 220. Be prepared to have plug adapters with you. All hotels provide WiFi connections, hairdryers and offer dry cleaning service or will direct you to a local dry cleaning service provider.  

Meals: Breakfast will be provided at the hotels each morning. The tour will also include two dinners, check the flyer. At the end of each day you will note the following codes: (B) – Breakfast and (D) - Dinner provided.  

Tipping: When you are dining on your own, check the bill to see if the total includes a service charge, tip equivalent. As for the tour guide and bus drivers, you will be asked for a tip at the tour conclusion, strictly voluntary. The tour leader will advise you on the tip amount for each. 

  BK Tours & Travel contact information: phone: 703 250-3044 and email: wridley@bktravel.com