Retired Military Police Officers Digest
Post Office Box 5477
Springfield, Virginia 22150
The Retired Military Police Officers Digest is a quarterly publication, distributed at no cost to U.S. Army retired and soon-to-retire military police officers, warrant officers, and their wives.  The newsletter is for MP retirees by MP retirees.

The RMPOA Staff

           Executive Director                                            Secretary
     John E Davies, COL (USA Ret)                             Vacent

   Treasurer                                                     Membership
                    James Y. Anderson, LTC (USA Ret)                       Vacant

     Reunion Coordinators       Web Master
     Don Greenwald, COL (USA Ret)             Mervin G. "Merv" McConnel, LTC (USA Ret)
     John Mumma, COL (USA Ret) 
     Ceci Mumma

The RMPOA Digest

   Editors         Taps
     John E. Davies, COL (USA Ret)    George Abraham, COL (USA Ret)
     Jane Davies

                        Marie Curry

NEWS ITEMS:  Please send news items regarding members of the RMPOA community to the Post Office listed above.  Items may also be faxed to (703) 533-7207 or sent by e-mail to  Items that you desire posted on the web site should be sent to:   

ROSTERS:  Please send roster requests or changes/additions to TRMPOA, Attn: Roster, PO Box 5477, Springfield, VA 22150.

DONATIONS:  The RMPOA is an organization of volunteers with no board of directors, dues or subscription fees.  The costs of printing and mailing the RMPO Digest are covered solely by donations.  Those who desire to support the Digest's continued publication, please make your check donation payable to the RMPOA Digest and send to:  Retired Military Police Officers Digest, P.O. Box 5477. Springfield, VA 22150. Information on purchasing an updated RMPO Roster of retired Military Police officers and warrant officers is available at RMPO Roster.
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