Retired Military
Police Officers
33rd Annual Reunion 
Augusta, Georgia
September 24 to September 28, 2008
Al and Lou Green check in at the registration desk.
MG Gene Cromartie chats with David Kennedy
Reunion hosts, Shirley and Tom Regel
Photo from Rick Wistner
Greg Lowe,  BG Ted Kanamine, and Stan Lobodinski                                                                                        Photo from Dick Wilson
Dave and Judy Herbert          Photo from Dick Wilson
Elaine and Cliff Sanders      Photo from Jim Anderson
Reunion Photos Page 1 - Hospitality Room
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Charlie Heck poses with the Hospitality Room Crew:  Brigette & Dick Wilson and Mary Lou & David O'DeaPhoto from Charlie Heck                        
Randy Elliott (white shirt) and MG Pete Berry  (flower print shirt)
                                                                                        Photo from Rick Wistner
Vern Pike and Orv Butts       Photo from Dick Wilson
Nick Nicholson, Pat and Mike Sullivan                                                                                                Photo from Dick Wilson
Glenda Riley, Don State, and Ken Riley                                                                                              Photo from Jim Anderson
Six pages and 84 pictures from the Augusta Reunion.  If you desire a full size copy of any of the pictures, send me an email at identifying the photo(s) you want.
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Marilyn Gray with father Reg Fansler and Pat &Peg Lowrey