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LTC Rex LTC Rex Smith sent the RMPO two photos he came across of military police officers in Iceland in either 1942 or 1943. These two photos were the first posted to the RMPO web site’s historical photo album. We now have two pages of photos. If you have a photo of yourself or other military police officers from a past era that you would like to share, please send the photo along with a caption/explanation to
LTC Rex Smith writes: Here are two photos that I came across that were taken in Iceland in either 1942 or 1943. They are of officers of, I believe, the 810th MP Company.  In August 1943, we took men to Iceland to form an MP Bn.  
LTC Luis Mark, then Captain, is indicated by the arrow. He landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day as PM with the 2nd Engineer Amphibious Brigade. I next ran into him in 1948 when he was assigned as Chief of CID, PM Office, First US Army, Fort Jay, New York. He attended the advance course at the MP School at Ft Gordon in 1951. From there, he went to Korea and died of heart attack a couple of months after arriving there. He was one hell of an officer, one of the best I ever served under. If he had lived, I am sure he would have made general.
LTC Luis Mark then Captain, is third from the right.  CPT Zukowsky is the first from the right; I think his name was Theodore. In November 1943, he went to England as the CO of the 449th MP Company, landed with the company on Utah Beach on D-Day with the First Engineer Amphibious Brigade.
The following pictures were provided by Sam Reinert, Commanding Officer of the 545th MP Company in Phouc Vinh, Vietnam, 1969 - 1970.  Sam is the founder of the 545th Military Police Company Association. 

CPT Dalton Lain (in front of his unit) CO, MP Platoon, Hqs Troop, 1st Cavalry Division, Camp Drake Japan 1945.
CPT Louis Mehl, CO 545th MP Co Commander on the right and LTC James H. Ashcraft,  second from right, 1st Cavalry Division Provost Marshal in the 545th MP Co Dayroom at Camp Drake Japan 1949. The others are the Army Chief of Staff, his aide, the 1st Cav Div CG and the 545th MP Co First Sergeant

Maj Max Phelps inspecting his 1st Cav MP’s at Camp Drake Japan (GEN Chase, 1st Cav CG – in breeches) walks along behind in 1948
LTC Norman A Mott who escorted Japanese POW’s to the Military Tribunals in Manila in 1945
545th MP Co Platoon Leader, S. Strange at Camp Crawford, Japan
Photo sent in by COL Dick Mosco.  Dick is 2d Row, third from the left.  Also in the Class were Second Lieutenants Jim George,Perry Elder,Doug Shannon and Travis Parker.
Advisory Team#14,USAMACV.The Team advised Army Of Vietnam Military Police in the operation of the Central EPW Camp on Phu Quoc Island. The Team was under the OPCON of the MACV PM(J15) and was the only pure Military Police Advisory unit in Vietnam. Dick Moscow's tenure as the Team Commander and Senior Advisor to the Camp Commander was during the period 1967-68.The Team had four officers assigned.One Major and three Captains.The rest of the team were Military Police Non Commissioned Officers.Captain Mike Annast is the the first officer standing on the left,second row.Next to him is Captain Dave Stockman.Captain Mike O'laughlan is the first person kneeling on the right,first row.  Dick is standing, first on the right,second row. 
First row(Left to right): Lt. Swindell, LT. Buffaloe, LT. Dillion, CPT. Moore, LT. Harris, LT. Palzer, LT. Scott.

Second Row (L to R): CPT. Elder, LT. Briggs, LT. Cathron, LT. Valimony, LT. MacDonald, LT. Mosco.

Third Row (L to R): LT. Lange, LT. Oldemiski, CPT. Boswell, CPT. George, LT. Novac, LT. Nicolls.
Thanks to W.N. Lange, PhD, MAJ (Ret), MPC for identifying the complete class.
MP Officer Career Course  Class #5.1964-65.COL Karl Gustafson,School Commandent is in the first row, center.To his left is the Class Leader, Major Dave Anderson. Dick Mosco is in row five,5th from the right.
CPT Mike Tarman
Tay Ninh, RVN, 1969
709th MP BN Paris, France WW II 
Pictures of the Battalion Officers during 1945. LTC Harry Gustafson was the Battalion Commander Nov 1943 to 1946.
Assigned officers when the unit departed for England in 1944:  LTC Harry Gustafson, CO; MAJ David Sigourney, XO; CPT Donald McIntire, S2/S3; LT Alfred Levine, ADJ; LT Fred Deyesso, S4; CPT  Pierce, CO, Co A; CPT Ralph Philpott, CO, Co B; CPT  Shephard, CO, Co C; CPT Marchand, CO, Co D; W/O Murphy, Personnel Off; CPT D. Schorr, Surgeon; CPT H. Teague, Dentist; LT B.J. Wall; LT H.G. Orton; LT G. Dugas; LT Norman Applebaum; LT  C. Porcelli; LT Chas Echols; LT Geo Moore; LT Fred Vigil; LT Geo Morehouse; LT  Cushman; LT Geo McCombs; LT F.A. Mac Donald; and LT Robert Collier.
BG David P Schorr, Jr. Provost Marshal EUSA, cuts cake at the 18th Anniversary 728th MP Bn at Co B.  L to R: LTC Thomas R Smith, Jr. Bn CO; General Schorr; CPT Charles A Heck, CO Co B; and 1Lt Eddie M Nix, Plt Ldr, Korea 1959.
SSG Charles A Heck - 1945
Some of the first Officers to be assigned to the 518th Military Police Battalion upon its activation. Photographed in the summer of 1941. They are (Left to Righ) Lt Martin Davy; Lt Bill Campbell; Lt Ed Lambert; Major H.H. Harris; Lt Bernie Schlinger; Lt Sid Marcus; Lt Mel Pollack; Lt Ralph Gramazio; Lt Stan Evans; Lt Bob Sullivan; Lt John Stouell; Lt Tom Whitford; and Lt Claude Lindsey.(Source of information is from the Military Police Journal and the Article written by Colonel Robert E. Sullivan, History of U.S. Army Military Police Battalions - The 518th MP BN). 

Customs liaison meeting, Saigon, Vietnam  March 1971 between MP customs officials and ROK PMO, to discuss mutual cooperation.
LtoR : CPT Oh Sae Chan  ROK F-V, CPT William D. Houck, CO Saigon Customs Detachment, LTC Clyde Murphy, CO Joint Customs Group Vietnam, COL Lee Jung Hyen ROK F-V, MAJ David Lynch, XO Joint Customs Group Vietnam, LTC Lee Jung Hyung ROK F-V.

Stand down of 173rd Airborne  Brigade, Charang Valley, Vietnam. July 1971

Left photo L to R:  CPT Bill Houck, CPT Jones, CPT Roger Holland

Right photo L to R:  CPT William D. Houck, CPT Roger Holland

June 1971, MAJ Fouad Aide, MP Advisor, Central EPW Camp on Phu Quoc Island.

CSM Gordon Larum, CPT Hensley, MSG McCurdy, and COL Timmerberg, Fall of 1971, 89th MP Gp
BG Timmerberg, COL Hiram Daniels, CSM Larum, getting 89th MP Gp Crests, July 1971
CSM Larum, COL Proudfoot taking command 89th MP Gp, BG Timmerberg
BG Wallace Wittwer, USAREUR PM, being greeted upon his arrival at Stuttgart by LTC Tom Briggs, Area PM and Cdr 31st MP Det, 1972.
BG Wittwer, USAREUR PM; LTC Tom Briggs, Cdr 31st MP Det, and LTC Robert Tambling, Cdr 385th MP Bn.
L to R: LTC Killough, Cdr, 508th MP Bn, inspecting 508th MP BN Highway Patrol Unit. Unk Officer in middle, CPT Van Gemert, Cdr, CO C, 508th MP BN, Stettin Kaserne,Munich, 1951-52.
Approximately April 1967, Valley A Binh Dinh Prov, RVN

(then) BG Harley Moore arrives at Hq 504 A MP. BN, greeted by (then) MAJ William A. Hewitt,acting CO.
                                                   Photo from LTC Bill Hewitt
March, 1954
Eniwetok, Marshal Islands,  JTF Castle

Shown:  Members of MP Detachment.
2nd. row, standing, left, Corporal (P) William A. Hewitt (now, LTC, retired).
2nd. row, standing, L to R, 3rd right LTC John Gibson(MPC);  6th right at end of row (hand raised) then 1st LT Archie O. Patterson (MPC)

Photo from LTC Bill Hewitt
Members of 92nd MP Bn, Saigon VN, following promotion ceremony on March 16, 1967.  From left to right:  1LT John Hannon (Oklahoma City, OK), Sgt Richard Sparrow (Indianapolis, IN), Sgt Angel Colon (Gartegena, PR), LTC John P "Jack" Hill (Sarasota, FL), Sgt Thomas Markowski (New York, NY), Sgt Richard W Johnson (Long Beach, CA0, and CPT David L Lemon (Abilene, TX) 
                                                                                                                                                      Photo from LTC John Hannon
l to r - 1Lt R.C. Purdy; 1Lt Giddion Cox; 1Lt Robert Baumfalk; 1Lt W.R. Cathy;  Cpt John Liddle; 1Lt Carl Knowles (XO); and 1SG Gordon Larum, 7th MP Co Staff  Korea 1952      Photo from Dick Burch

After seeing the above two photos, COL Charles (Dave) Childers sent RMPO the following email:

"I was looking at the online site this morning and noticed the photos of BG Wittwer and LTC Briggs and it sure brought back old memories. I was Tom Briggs driver in the fall on 1972, and if I'm not mistaken, I took him to meet BG Wittwer that day - if not on the day of that visit, then one of his later trips that same year. Talking about being scared - I'd been in the Army for six months, was a newly minted PFC, driving a brigadier general!  After Tom left Europe in early 1973, I was Dale Friend's driver for almost a year at the 385th MP Battalion. Both were fantastic officers who greatly influenced my life.  Attached is a photo of me leaning on the fender of Tom's very famous black 1971 Ford sedan in Stuttgart. Dale talked me into re-enlisting and Tom helped me in my selection for OCS. I'm deeply indebted to both."