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The "Golden Guys" went to Reynolds's Plantation in North Georgia this year right after the golf channel's big break departed.  The greens were like glass and the rough was entirely too easy to find.  Next year's journey is planed for Myrtle Beach.

Pictured from left to right are Richard Shook, Paul Walter, Paul Rook, Huck Holloway, Ron Watts, Peter Berry, Cliff Sanders, and Ken Riley.

Photo submitted by LTC Ken Riley

Golden Guys Golf Outing
Casey-Devaney Get-Together
Retired MP LTC Andy Casey and spouse visit Don and Tokiko Devaney in Hawaii.  Andy went to St. Raphael Academy in Rhode Island and played varsity football. Don was the opposing quarterback at Nelson W. Aldrich High School at the same time.  Left to right – Andy – Don – Maryann Casey – Tokiko Devaney –Vivian (Don's daughter-in-law).

Photo submitted by MAJ Don Devaney
A Rising Star
Circa1980 when LTC Peter Berry was practicing to be a general. He succeeded and retired as a Major General.  Note the MacArthur pipe.

Photo courtesy of MAJ Don Devaney.
1976. MG Paul Timmerberg with COL Thomas Jones.  Gentleman on the left is unidentified.

Photo courtesy of MAJ Don Devaney
1976.  MG Paul Timmerberg, Commander, USAIDC, with CSM King.

Photo courtesy of MAJ Don Devaney