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Headquarters, Department of the Army  Agencies of the Department of the Army.
U.S. Army Military Police School  The official web site of USAMPS at Ft Leonard Wood.
Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA) and Military Police Gift Shop website.   Go here to support the Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA) by joining the MPRA and shopping at the Military Police Gift Shop. 
CID Agents Association Homepage of the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigators.
Military Officers Association of America Easy way to access MOAA's member services.
Defense Link  A link to Department of Defense agencies.
Army Knowledge Online  The Army's initiative to go online.  Presently, limited information for retirees, but still a very interesting site.  Follow this link to establish an account.
Once you have your AKO account, go to the OPMG Access Portal Home page.  (Available only to AKO members.)
Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association  AAFMAA assists families of deceased members in a prompt, simple and substantial manner.
U. S. Army War College Alumni Association  Check this site for information on the USAWC Alumni Association.
FirstGov   One-stop Web site consolidates over 20,000 government Web sites into one. helps millions of active and retired federal employees by providing information on pay, benefits, retirement planning, leave, insurance, travel, health benefits, veterans benefits, Medicare, Social Security and more!  Much of the information is FREE!
US Army Retired Services  Provides information on entitlements and access to Army Echoes
Military Health Care System   Provides information on TRICARE.
U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs is the first unique website dedicated to helping U.S. veterans discover benefits they have earned.
Armed Forces Recreation Centers  On line link to Armed Forces Recreation Centers world wide.
The Armed Forces Vacation Club  Resort Condo Rentals for $234 a week.
USAJOBS - United States Office Of Personnel Management The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.  .
Military.Com  Connecting you to the benefits of the service.
CEO Express   Business portal for excutives prepared by a CEO.
Department of Defense/MyPay  MyPay allows you, as a Department of Defense Military Member, Civilian Employee, Military Retiree or Annuitant to make certain changes to your pay information.
Retired Military Police Association, Inc  The RMPA (Fayetteville, NC) is open to membership to all former military police -- officer, warrant, and enlisted -- who served honorably in the Army's MP Corps.  The RMPA is building a mountain retreat Youth Center in West Virginia to assist the recovery of young people with drug problems. The "500 Club" is one aspect of the RMPA's continuing campaign to raise funds to build this Youth Center.  To support this endeavor with a tax exempt gift, visit the RMPA Homepage at or write to Mack Mullins, Executive Director at RMPA, P.O. Box 25343, Fayetteville, NC  28314.
560th Military Police Company A website for former members of the 560th Military Police Company.
545th Military Police Company Association. The official site for ALL  Military Policemen and women who served with the 545th Military Police Company.
552nd Military Police Company.  The site is dedicated to those that served under the 552nd Military Police Company's guidon and who made the sacrifices for their country's call to duty to include those spouses and families kept the home life going.
Military Police of Viet Nam  A tribute to Military Police who served in Viet Nam.
The Military Police Association  A site where Military Police (active, retired and former) and law enforcement representatives can pick up information or a new idea, and maybe leave some information or a new idea.
Military Police Memorial Pages.  A web site dedicated to all MPs who have passed away.  It isn't limited to those who died on duty.  To qualify you need only to have once worn a brassard.  If you have any stories or photos of one of those listed please use the links provided to submit it to the web master.  If you know of an MP who passed away and isn't listed that information would be greatly appreciated.
Military Connection.  Government jobs, up-to-date information on military schools, federal jobs, as well military loans and militray pay at Military Connection.Com.
Veterans Benefit Network. Contains a wealth of knowledge for veterans (including retirees) with VA disability and those trying to qualify.
The Registry of the American Soldier.  The National Museum of the United States Army is proud to introduce The Registry of the American Soldier. This hallowed ledger has been created to provide Army veterans and their families with a permanent record of their personal military history, listing any Soldier who has ever served by name, rank and the details of their service--regardless of era, conflict or theater. The Registry will have its permanent home in The National Museum of the United States Army, scheduled to open in 2011 in the Washington, DC area. Anyone can honor individuals who have served in the  Active Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Army Air Corps (Army Air Forces), WAC / WAAC, Scouts working directly with the Army, and with Army expeditions. For a complete listing of qualifications follow the above link.
Army Together We Served.  For current and former serving Members of the US Army, US Army Reserve and US Army National Guard. is a unique, feature rich resource helping Soldiers re-connect with lost Brothers, share memories and tell their Army story.
Battle Hymn of the Republic.  COL Dick Mosco provided this link to a moving and inspirational rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic that is guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine.  Dick also passed along a link he received from LTC Don State of five young ladies (ages 6 - 8) singing the National Anthem at a Texas Tech Basketball game. 
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall USA website is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War. Since it first went on line in 1996 it has evolved into something more.
The Virtual Wall. Vietnam War casualties listed by Home of Record.
War Stories. The stories from past, present, and future warriors. The initial stories are from the "Old Bastards" a group of past warriors. A war story usually begins with the statement, "No S#/t, this really happened".  Site operated by LTC Jack Kochenour. For those interested in contributing, send an email to Jack at 
If you come across a web page that you believe would be of interest or benefit to other Retired MP Officers, please send an e-mail to so it might be added to this page.
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