I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, 
and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly
a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.
-- Abraham Lincoln, November 1864
This page was last updated on: July 25, 2018
A listing of TRMPOA family members who have died prior to the Memorial Breakfast,  25 September 2017, can be seen by clickingthe below links: 
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COL Stanley J Lobodinski (17 Oct 2017)​
MAJ Roger Mark "Mark" Crassweller (11 Oct 2017)
MRS Arlene Finley Billings​ (16 Oct 2017)
     Wife of CW4 Josh Medford Billings (deceased)
CW4 Dietzel Morris "Dick" Miller (31 Oct 2017)
CWO Carl Edward Craig (7 Nov 2017)
CWO Harry Willis Kinsella (15 Sep 2017)
COL John F. "Fitz" Fitzsimons (8 Nov 2017) 
Mrs. Jacqueline Fichter "Jackie" Page (8 Jan 2010)
     Wife of CW3 Harold Victor "Hal" Page (deceased)
CW4 James Eugene "Jim" Mayo (22 Nov 2017) ​
Mrs. Joyce Timbrook Sneed (8 Dec 2017) 
      Wife of CW3 Edward L. "Ed" Sneed
COL Lawrence Allen "Larry" Pippins (2 Dec 2017)
LTC Keith Scott Wettig (28 Nov 2017) ​
Since the 15 September 2017 Memorial Breakfast, the RMPOA has been notified of the following deaths:
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CW3 John Richard "Rich" Bowen (27 Nov 2017) 
LTC Donald Sternoff "Buck" "Don" Beyer, Sr (23 Dec 2017)
LTC Wayne B. Nicoll (30 Dec 2017)
COL Thomas J. "Tom" McHugh (22 Dec 2017)
Mrs Jo Margaret Busch Butler (14 Jan 2018)
    Wife of COL Frank Lawrence Butler (deceased)
LTC Gerald M. "Jerry" Gasko (22 Jan 2018
LTC Joseph Thomas "Joe" Polanski (20 Jan 2018) 
CPT William Hugh "Bill" Thomas (6 Aug 2017) 
Mrs. Carol Jean Spotts "Jean" Kennedy (4 Jan 2018)
      Wife of LTC David Richard "Dave" Kennedy
Mrs Joanne Hilts Wheeler
       Wife of LTC James E. "Jim" Wheeler
COL Ralph Salucci (21 Dec 2013) ​
COL Thomas Michael "Tom" Jones (3 Mar 2018​)
COL Gerald Gibbons (8 March 2018)

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CW2 Thomas Roland "Tom" Presley (9 Mar 2018) 
CW3 Thomas E. "Tom" Luke (13 Dec 2017)
COL Raymond L. "Ray" Cook (9 Apr 2018)
COL John Samuel Holeman, Jr. (25 Apr 2018) 
Mrs. Renate Anderson (15 Apr 2018)
        Wife of LTC James Y. "Jim" Anderson, Jr.
LTC Robert Leroy "Bob" Osborne (2 May 2018)​
LTC Randy Everett Hoff (22 May 2018)
Lt. Col. James O. Richardson (16 Nov 2017)
COL George R. Kaine (24 Mar 2018)
LTC Gerald Lane Kelly (19 May 2018)
COL Orville (Orv) Butts (15 June 2018)
Mrs Marguerite Anne "Marnie" Landon Matassarin (22 June 2018)
        Wife of LTC Leon C. "Mat" Matassarin
Mrs Jacquline Adkins "Jackie" Bagwell (6 May 2018)
        Wife of CWO Johnny Walker Bagwell
LTC Robert Leroy "Bob" Osborne (2 May 2018)
CW3 Randall Charles "Randy" Lovely​ (19 June 2018)
LTC Francis L. "Bud" Brokaw (22 Apr 2018) 
LTC Randy Everett Hoff (22 May 2018)
Mrs Diane Dunn Hoff (25 Jan 2012)
          Wife of LTC Randy Everett Hoff (deceased)