I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, 
and the solemn pride that must be yours, to have laid so costly
a sacrifice upon the altar of Freedom.
-- Abraham Lincoln, November 1864
This page was last updated on: September 6, 2017
A listing of TRMPOA family members who have died prior to the Memorial Breakfast,  25 September 2016, can be seen by clicking
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Since the 25 September 2016 Memorial Breakfast, the RMPOA has been notified of the following deaths:
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CW3 Peter Alexander "Pete" Dedijer (22 Sep 2016)
LTC Dennis Michael Skelly (25 Sep 2016)
Mrs. Ruby Ferrell "Mae" Speights (23 Oct 2016).  
       Wife of LTC Duris "Dee" Speights, Jr. (deceased)
COL Clarence Donald Barry (25 Dec 2016
Mrs Laura Ann Bracey Fetterolf​ (30 Oct 2016)
       Wife of LTC Robert J. Fetterolf
LTC Wayne Lee Meeusen (4 Feb 2017)
Mrs Patricia M. O’Neill Tynan (22 Dec 2016)
       Wife of COL James D "Jim" Tynan (deceased)
CW5 Glenn M. Schultz (18 Jan 2017). ​
Col Warren Stillman Olin (16 Jun 2016)
        Husband of Mrs Martha Estopinal Olin (deceased) 
Mrs. Dana Stonesifer (10 Dec 2016)
       Wife of CW3 Frederic W. "Ric" Stonesifer
CW2 Errol Aubrey "Earl" Hunter, Sr. (4 Aug 2016)
Mrs. Natalia George (27 Jan 2017)
         Wife of LTC Ralph Abdo George (deceased)
LTC Arthur Albert Klekner (22 Jan 2017)
Mrs. Margaret Ann Twinem "Margie" Klekner (15 May 2011)
         Wife of LTC Arthur Albert "Art" Klekner (deceased)
MG Eugene Rufus "Gene" Cromartie (13 Feb 2017)
LTC Fred Roderick "Rick" Wilson (18 Dec 2016) ​
CW2 John Richard Griffin, Jr (22 Jan 2017)
Mrs. Ruth Anna Hoskins (14 Jan 2017)
       Wife of LTC Earl Francis "Frank" Hoskins (deceased)
LTC Theodore Robert "Ted" Cole (28 Nov 2016)​
COL Oliver E. "Ollie" O'Kier (2 Dec 2016)
LTC Alfred F. "Al" Grande (23 Mar 2017)
CW4 Alan Philip "Al" Boehm (13 Feb 2017) 
CW2 Edward Byrd "Ed" Mizelle (25 Aug 2015)
MAJ Hector Lauro Lopez (26 Jan 2017) 
CW2 Allen L. "Al" Southmayd (14 Feb 2017).  
Mrs. Janice Kristine "Kris" Southmayd (8 Jan 2016)
          Wife of CW2 Allen L. "Al" Southmayd (deceased)
Mrs Jo Ann "Jo" McCormick​ (2 March 2017)​
        Wife of COL Richard L. "Dick" McCormick 
LTC Leon James "Lee" Rung (10 Aug 2016) 
CW3 James E. "Jim" Mercer (25 Feb 2017)
MAJ Robert Roy "Roy" Hazelwood (18 Apr 2016)
LTC Clarence Lamar "Billy" McKinney (21 Apr 2017) 
Mrs. Setsuko Suzuki Gidion (4 Apr 2017)
         Wife of CW4 Hans M. Gidion
​COL James Donovon "Don" Smith (27 Apr 2017) 
Mrs. Stefania "Steffi" Feher (18 Apr 2017)
  Wife of CW4 Andre C R "Flip" Feher (deceased)  
COL George Herbert Braxton (14 May 2017) ​
Mrs. Sandra Loretta "Sandy" Braxton (12 Jul 1994)
  Wife of COL George Herbert Braxton (deceased) 
​Mrs. Mrs. Marilyn Schultz (30 Apr 2017)
  Wife of CW5 Glenn M. Schultz (deceased)
CW3 Freddie Ray McBride (13 May 2017)​
CW2 Ramon Seda (9 May 2017)
Mr David E. "Dave" Wilson (6 May 2017)

COL Richard Alfred "Dick" Fitzgerald (17 Feb 2017)
MAJ Robert Arthur Buchman (5 Mar 1994).
Mrs. Helen Saylor Buchman (24 Apr 2017)
          Wife of MAJ Robert Arthur Buchman (deceased)
​CW2 Ramon M Seda (9 May 2017)
LTC Robert William "Bobby" Gee (12 Jun 2017)
COL Russell Eugene "Russ" Parmenter (29 Mar 2017) 
LTC Paul Major Curry, Jr. (7 Jul 2017)
CW3 Charles Eugene Kimmig, Sr (14 May 2017)
COL Harris Emmons II (18 Apr 2015) 
Mrs June Bubier Emmons (15 Dec 2016)
            Wife of COL Harris Emmons II (deceased)
Mrs. Alice Yager (Jun 2016)
            Wife of CW4 Martin F. "Marty" Yager (deceased)
Mrs. Gwendolyn Jackson "Gwen" Durham (5 Aug 2017)
              Wife of LTC Marcellas "Cell" Durham (deceased)
COL Anthony Joseph DiGregorio​ (4 Aug 2017)
LTC June Wolfe, Jr. (18 Jun 2017)​
COL Zane Vincent Kortum (11 Aug 2017)