If you are a retired MP Officer and want to be listed on the RMPO Roster, email to Include your name, nickname (if any), date of entry into service, date of retirement, rank at time of retirement, current mailing address, home telephone number, cell telephone number, and email address. Where applicable, include your spouse's name.  

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The Retired Military Police Officers Roster is the official list of retired MP officers and warrant officers in the Association.  The roster also contains the names of surviving widows of deceased members of the RMPOA family.  

The roster is used as a mailing list for invitations to the Annual RMPOA Reunion, and a mailing list for the RMPOA DIGEST. The roster is not sold or provided for any commercial purposes.

Active and retired Military Police officers, warrant officers, and their spouses may purchase a copy of the roster. To obtain a copy of the roster, please mail a check in the amount of $10.00 payable to TRMPOA to TRMPOA, PO Box 5477, Springfield, VA 22150. The $10 fee covers the costs of printing and mailing the roster.  In an effort to keep costs for the roster down,  roster requests will be fulfilled at the end of each month. The payment checks will also be deposited at the same time.

Updates to the roster may be sent to the RMPOA address or to   

Don't see a fellow MP officer's name on the list? Send their contact information to and we will invite them to join us.  

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